Quarterly Newsletters

December 2019 Quarterly Newsletter

January 14, 2020

In this quarterly edition, we review performance and attribution. Our lead article considers the singular focus that consumed Netflix on its path to becoming the world's leading subscription based online entertainment service. We follow this up with our interpretation of Geoffrey Moore's consulting work on how companies navigate the 'crisis of prioritisation', in our article titled “The Innovator's Dilemma”. We extend this further with our take on the Harvard Business Review’s top CEOs for 2019 in our piece “It starts at the top”. In our “Passage of Time” article we discuss the 'glue' that is time and how it relates to complementary medicines group Blackmores. We also discuss our thoughts on the thorny issue of proxy advisors. We review Oil Search following our recent company led investor tour to the company’s Papua New Guinea operations and finish with a book review on, The man who solved the market.

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