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December 2005 Quarterly Newsletter

In the December 2005 Quarterly Newsletter, we take a closer look at Research and Development programs and the implications for profitability of a business. We give our thoughts on Alan Greenspan- does he have the golden touch, or is he trigger happy? We also provide insights into our meeting with Roc Oil.

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September 2005 Quarterly Newsletter

The September 2005 Quarterly Newsletter takes a look at the importance of ROE (return on equity) and the ROCE (return on capital employed) ratios in the investment decision.  We also give our thoughts on Cabcharge and reflect on our meeting with Reg Kermode.

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March 2005 Quarterly Newsletter

In the March 2005 Quarterly newsletter, we re-enforce our investing strategy as being aligned with the long term to avoid short term speculation and volatility.  We also speak to Chris Corrigan from Patrick Ltd.

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